Saturday, January 28, 2012

You Have a GUN Booth at a Womens Expo?

I submitted an idea to our BoD and was told to run with it.
Long story short I'm running a booth for our Firearms Owners Association at a local Womens Expo.
And if the activity at set-up night is any idication, I'm gonna run out of targets and ammo, and my voice, from talkin guns and Castle Doctrine!  (Targets?  Ammo?  We built a portable target with catch box and am ruuning an Airsoft shoot right in the booth! A new co2 HK pistol was just the ticket!)
My daughter is spending the weekend with me to help out and will be taking pics, I will share.

Wow, 2 days surrounded by women and pink,  Lord have mercy on me!!  :)


John said...

May be more than your heart can handle! Glad to see you are doing it. More women need to become acquainted with gun handling.

Tango Juliet said...

Absolutely!! Great idea!!

Hillbilly said...

Good call. Give 'em hell.