Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Blood of Patriots Flow in Each of US!

April 19th....
On this day in the year 1775, a group of Patriots made up of Farmers, Businessmen, Scholars, and Laborers known to the British Crown as those "American Rebels", took up arms against the largest assembled army of the day.  This army represented a tyrannical leader, hell bent to rule and tax the new colonies in the new land, without any input from the people. This same army was sent that April to the colonies for the sole purpose of confiscating any and all weapons, because, as we all know, an unarmed populous has no means of defense against tyranny.  Our founding forefathers, being the wise, freedom loving folks they were, understood this and refused to surrender their arms and thus their freedoms.  The First Shots of Freedom rang loud and true that fateful day.  The resulting War cost the lives of many men, women, children who had nothing to lose, only everything to gain;  A Free Nation, where every person is guaranteed the Inalienable Rights granted by the higher entity of their individual beliefs.  The 'Rebels' faced every hardship one could imagine, up to and including death for the Dream each of us holds dear yet today. As did many a Patriot thereafter. 
In later years, droves of women endured many comparable hardships in the quest for equality, namely their right to be involved in civic matters, alongside their male counterparts.  Today's sad fact: too few 'Americans' will take the time and effort to drive/walk to a local polling station to right the Great Wrong in D.C. this November.
It has been said: " Our Forefathers would have been shooting by now!" Of that, I have no doubt, but not until other avenues of diplomacy had been exhausted.     
Americans stand up for what is right!
Americans fight for that which is just! 
Exercise your Right to Express your disapproval of the government, whether it be through Speech, the Written Word, or Peaceful Assembly.
Exercise your Right to Private Property.
Exercise your Right to Bear Arms.
And for the sake of Our Nation Under God, and the Sacrifices of those that came before us, Exercise your Right To Vote this November!  It's the least you could do, you owe them as much.

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