Thursday, August 11, 2011

England Used to Be a Country of Men - Frank Miniter

I found this write-up while cruising the ol' ISH (Info Super Highway).
I totally, 100% agree with this fella. England HAS become a bunch of sissies. And that began when Parliament and the Crown decided they could take care of their subjects better. This meant stripping them of many of their God giving liberties as men (and women). I implore you to take a moment and read and digest what Frank is 'putting down' here. Let's U.S. not go down the same road. Or we may find ourselves in the same situation soon where we are not allowed nor even know how to fend for ourselves.

England Used to Be a Country of Men - Frank Miniter
England USED to be a country of men!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have you thought about how you want to go in the end?

Why not go out with a bang?!
        We three brothers were recently discussing how we would like to be put to rest when our inevitable 'time' comes. Keeping It Simple was the reoccurring theme.  
        A simple pine box buried in a little country cemetary in the county we grew up in, was my request. (I will always want to end up 'back home'.)    My headstone shall also be simple- a slab of limestone from a nearby quarry with my name and dates of birth/death.  Pass all the extra Life Insurance to my children. Oh yeah, please bury with me my sidearm and plenty of ammo, in the event St. Peter can't let me in, I may have to face zombies in my afterlife.  If you feel the need, a shotgun salute would be quite an interesting tribute.
         Today, brother Maverick sent to me a link: with a new request.  He would like his ashes to be loaded into some .45 Colt and 12ga. rounds and shot at the SASS  'End of Trail'  in New Mexico.  Why not?  Seems like a fitting tribute to my brother's passion of Cowboy Action Shooting.  (Of course, being the tightwad I am, I will probably reload him myself.) (maybe)
      After seeing this, brother Tipher will probably want loaded into some 'Fiddys' (.50BMG) and shot at something really, really, really far away.
        Anyway, I thought I'd share this with my readers, as it poses an interesting option to end-of-life planning.
       If you wish, share with us your plans...