Friday, December 14, 2012


Folks all over the web are talking about the shooting in Connecticut as we speak. Yet everyone is saying let's just pray for the children, let's not spout off on our beliefs. Well, dammit, I'm tired of praying, tired of not doing a dammed thing about it. 
 We MUST stop living in denial. We MUST do what is right by our children. No one wants to hear the truth, but some sicko, busted into a school and murdered a bunch of KIDS- a "Gun Free Zone" where no-one, faculty an even security if there is any, are allowed to carry in the unlikely event of such an attack! As has been said before- We perform fire drills, install extensive fire sprinkler systems, extinguishers, tornado drill, storm shelters, maybe even bomb shelters! But we do not plan for an active shooter rampage situation, We trust these folks with our children's minds, bodies and well being everyday, yet we will not give them the option of protecting our children against one of the greatest threats of today!
A bill was introduced last session to simply allow individual school systems here in Nebraska to allow legal and well trained permit holders to Conceal Carry firearms for the defense of the students, our CHILDREN for God's sake! And what did we do? We tossed the idea like a bad egg, Denying the problem, Denying our children the protection they deserve. When are we going to WAKE -UP and at least sit down and take serious action. Or would we rather just wit at our computer or TV and cry over the innocence lost and PRAY it doesn't happen to us, to our kids?

Monday, November 12, 2012

I see all the sentiments for Veterans on this holiday, and anyone that knows me knows how much I support all those that fight for our freedoms.
This year, however, I can't help but feel sad. Sad and heart-broke for letting down all those that have came before us and toiled and fought and laid down their lives for hopes and dreams of a better world, a better tomorrow. 

As just the month, too few Americans turned out to exercise their right to vote, and too many citizens(?) of this nation turned out to put back into power a president who, whether by will or sheer ignorance, is determined to tear down everything those before us worked hard to built or fought and died for. It is past time for us remaining American Patriots to embrace all the rights set forth by our Creator and the Founding Fathers and fought for and died for by the very people we show support for and remember on this day. We must not allow Their America, Our America, to be driven into the abyss of a Nazi-socialist state by those hell bent to do so. America stands on it's own, Americans take care of themselves and their neighbors. We do not need a government or the rest of the world to do it for us.

My plan to honor all Veterans, past, present and future, is to be sure we leave the America they dreamed of for our children and all the generations to come. 
It's The Least We Can Do For Them!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Blood of Patriots Flow in Each of US!

April 19th....
On this day in the year 1775, a group of Patriots made up of Farmers, Businessmen, Scholars, and Laborers known to the British Crown as those "American Rebels", took up arms against the largest assembled army of the day.  This army represented a tyrannical leader, hell bent to rule and tax the new colonies in the new land, without any input from the people. This same army was sent that April to the colonies for the sole purpose of confiscating any and all weapons, because, as we all know, an unarmed populous has no means of defense against tyranny.  Our founding forefathers, being the wise, freedom loving folks they were, understood this and refused to surrender their arms and thus their freedoms.  The First Shots of Freedom rang loud and true that fateful day.  The resulting War cost the lives of many men, women, children who had nothing to lose, only everything to gain;  A Free Nation, where every person is guaranteed the Inalienable Rights granted by the higher entity of their individual beliefs.  The 'Rebels' faced every hardship one could imagine, up to and including death for the Dream each of us holds dear yet today. As did many a Patriot thereafter. 
In later years, droves of women endured many comparable hardships in the quest for equality, namely their right to be involved in civic matters, alongside their male counterparts.  Today's sad fact: too few 'Americans' will take the time and effort to drive/walk to a local polling station to right the Great Wrong in D.C. this November.
It has been said: " Our Forefathers would have been shooting by now!" Of that, I have no doubt, but not until other avenues of diplomacy had been exhausted.     
Americans stand up for what is right!
Americans fight for that which is just! 
Exercise your Right to Express your disapproval of the government, whether it be through Speech, the Written Word, or Peaceful Assembly.
Exercise your Right to Private Property.
Exercise your Right to Bear Arms.
And for the sake of Our Nation Under God, and the Sacrifices of those that came before us, Exercise your Right To Vote this November!  It's the least you could do, you owe them as much.

Not registered to Vote? Click here.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Say what you will about Walmart, but at the end of the day, they are an American company, started by an American entrapanuer.  I can guarantee you would never see this at Target.
I am going to chat with my local stores about this.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Is Everything Illegal?

It might be more efficient to ask 'what is Legal these days?'  That list might be much shorter!

Take the time to watch this little (42min) video from John Stossel at Fox.  And then look me straight in the, well comments, and tell me our gubmint hasn't gone too far.  The legislators and lobbists he interviews have listened to their own garbage for so long, they actually believe it! Althought they are clearly talking out of their (insert posterior reference here) 's

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Testosterone Poisoning?

Today's rant: Why do (most) men feel the need to deny women the use/ownership of firearms? Today while cruising the used guns rack in Scheels, I overheard a young couple conversing. The young lady was checking out some nice ladies/youth rifles. shouldering them (in a safe sort of manner I might add) while guy friend was doing what guys do, acting all-knowing. Then it happened. The gal stated, "...maybe I should buy a gun" ( I smiled huge thinkin' 'atta girl!') Then IT happened, 'boy' says "OH NO! not now, not for a while." (ya know that feeling you get right before you reach out and bitch-smack someone?) Then the gal backed down and complied with a "yeah, probably not".
I shot a look, bit my tounge and walked away before I caused a scene! I so wanted to challenge him on his crap. I am willing to bet cold hard cash, that with very little instruction, she could have out handled and outshot that snot-nosed punk-assed lil wippersnapper anyday, allday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not to Worry, I'm Still Around.

For the few fellow bloggers that stop by, now and then, I apologize for not posting anything for a while.  With the Scout year coming near to the end, and the Nebraska Legislative session now in full swing, I have been a VERY busy lil Patriot.  (Thank the Lord above, my work with the PGR has been relatively quiet as of late.)
For those that have been wondering, our NFOA booth at the local Women's Expo was , well INSANE! But in a good way.  I went into to it all thinking the project had the potential to be a bust.  I could not have been more happy to be more wrong!  We had gals lined up, sometimes 2 or 3 deep, to ask questions of gun ownership, places to shoot, and "how do I get a permit to carry?" We discussed the Victims Protection Act and what the current law does not provide. There was even a lady who had heard of our booth from friends, and came out on Sunday JUST to come talk to us; "There you are. I have questions!"
We also had a HK USP replica airsoft pistol and a target stand which we built a trap on the back of.  Our little shooting range proved very popular. Not only did seasoned shooters show their skills (a special THANX goes out to all the military gals I met), we were able to 'put a gun in the hands' of quite a few new shooters. (note to self- peer pressure amongst the ladies is brutal ;) )

(yes, dumbum didn't put her PPE in the proper place for this pose)
My 12 year old daughter worked the booth alongside me all weekend, working the range, showing folks the safe and proper way to operate a handgun, even talking issues with a few folks. ( My lil girl even commented later on the people skills she learned and honed)  In addition to her, a few other female members stopped in to help out throughout the weekend, each lending their own talents to the project.   And I can say with a good amount of certainty, the local instructors and indoor range are going to be quite busy in the coming months.

I would also like to send special Thank You's to :
 Kathy Jackson at  (books)
Julie Golob  ( autographed S&W hat)
Thunder Alley Indoor Range  (Gift Certificates)
for their donations to the daily giveaway drawings.
And of course Oleg Volk for the use of his always thought provoking art.
I would also like to thank Michelle with the Lincoln Women's Expo for allowing us the opportunity to attend this event and for promoting our booth. ( After seeing her and the staff shoot during set-up night, I had a feeling this might could get crazy! )

Saturday, January 28, 2012

You Have a GUN Booth at a Womens Expo?

I submitted an idea to our BoD and was told to run with it.
Long story short I'm running a booth for our Firearms Owners Association at a local Womens Expo.
And if the activity at set-up night is any idication, I'm gonna run out of targets and ammo, and my voice, from talkin guns and Castle Doctrine!  (Targets?  Ammo?  We built a portable target with catch box and am ruuning an Airsoft shoot right in the booth! A new co2 HK pistol was just the ticket!)
My daughter is spending the weekend with me to help out and will be taking pics, I will share.

Wow, 2 days surrounded by women and pink,  Lord have mercy on me!!  :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WTC? of the week!

And it's only Wednesday! I think this may be a weekly write up for MP as there seems to be plenty of fodder for such rants!  (FYI- WTC stands for What The Crap!- something my 8 yo says)

First story of the week -  'Racy' N.D. tourism ad pulled  after complaints.
     { "The advertisement was meant to showcase North Dakota's nightlife: Two young men and three women flirt through the window of a downtown Fargo motel bar. Printed next to them is the message: "Drinks, dinner, decisions. Arrive a guest. Leave a legend." }
Good advertising angle, or pure Tawdriness? I Like It! A little flirty, a little sexy, a lot memorable!  Heck, I feel like headin' up to North Dakota right now.  ('Scept I hear it's flippin' cold there at the moment!) In the words of Barney:  "It could be LEGEN .... wait for it .... DARY!"

This one, just this morning; Toddler's cuss word on T.V. angers.  Modern Family, A show about a Same Sex Married Couple raising a daughter. ( Not a show I watch, but have stopped on it during a channel surf session)
{"Our main goal is to stop this from happening," said McKay Hatch, an 18-year-old college student who founded the No Cussing Club in 2007. "If we don't, at least ABC knows that people all over the world don't want to have a 2-year-old saying the 'F-bomb' on TV."
"We hope they know better," said Hatch. He's asking his club's members, whom he said number 35,000 in the United States and about three-dozen other countries, to complain to ABC.}

Ok, I tend to be a to-each-their-own sorta guy (after all this IS a free country), BUT, the little girl (an actress), pretending (will actually say 'fudge') to drop the F-bomb (to be bleeped on-air for effect)  is the worst thing someone has to worry about with this show?  Frankly I think it is a great storyline, A child's first swear word, something every parent has had to deal with.

And this, yesterday in the local new rag; "Idiot" comment spurs lawsuit .
Long story short;
{ Seward real estate agent Shelly Nitz received a work-related email asking for feedback from agents on Matthew Steinhausen's past performance.
She responded with an email, sent to all Woods Bros. Realty and Home Real Estate agents: "He did an inspection in Seward for the agent that sold one of my listings. I will never let him near one of my listings ever again. Total idiot," according to the libel and defamation civil complaint,... }

Now said housing inspector has filed a lawsuit claiming damages related to defamation leading to loss of work.  Sounds to me like he didn't satisfy the client, and she gave an honest opinion.  My thoughts are that had he any fair number of  "glowing" reviews,  this one person's opinion, should not have cost him so much grief.  Sounds to me that he messed up, and that lady made him accountable.  The age old saying comes to mind; " You made your bed, You lie in it"

I know there are many, many more, but I must pace myself!

Monday, January 9, 2012

And the Moral to the Story Is.....

A post by John @  The Simple Life reminded me of this video that was floating around awhile back:
So There! Ya fancy talkin Brittses!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

You Can Be the Candle

Light a Candle Against Violence

January 8th 2012

     Our forefathers envisioned a Great Nation, a nation in which each individual was guaranteed three things most important to humanity;  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  These individual rights, though, were not to be doled out like penny candies.  It was understood that each individual is responsible for pursuing THEIR own Happiness, Fighting to preserve Liberty and cherishing Life to the very end.  Our Constitution set the cornerstone for building a Nation where the individual has a hand in deciding his/her own destiny. But nothing worth having ever comes easy.  If this Great Nation is to survive as our founding fathers, and all our ancestors before us, envisioned.  We, The People, have a long, steep, dark road ahead. 
     Americans must take our country back from the evils residing in the dark.  Violence does not manifest from the weapon.  Violence originates from the depths of a Dark place in the very soul of man and may be carried out though use of the weapon.   The weapon is but a tool, and through the centuries, in the hands of Good, these tools have been the Light which emblazons the Darkness, pushing back Evil to a place in which it can be dealt with.  
   The Shadows created by those that wish to remove the weapons from all, only work to feed the Darkness.  Not by directly giving strength to Evil, but by weakening the Good, Honest, God-fearing, Law Abiding individual's ability to defend him/her self from the Evil that looms beyond the Shadows.  We have been taught these lessons since the beginning of time, yet folks just will not heed these lessons learned.
     So, on this day, folks such as the Brady Campaign, mark an anniversary by attempting to illuminate the very Shadows which they only helped to create, by lighting a candle.   True Americans, though busy Pursuing our Happiness, cherishing Life and fighting for Liberty, will join together in lighting our candles against All Violence.  We will join together to remove the Shadow-makers and arm ourselves, not only with our weapons, but also with the knowledge of lessons learned in order to be prepared should we ever meet Evil face to face.
    What will YOU do?  Will you join us in the fight to protect your God given right to be prepared should Evil ever cross your path?  Or will you simply allow yourself to be sacrificed to the Darkness?

              National Rifle Association
              Second Amendment Foundation

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recents events prove we need to put better Self Defense Laws in place.

     By now you all have probably heard about the young mom (18) in Oklahoma that fullfilled her maternal duties by protecting herself and her son (3mo) against certain harm from intruders in their home. She quieted her son with a bottle, took up arms, called 911, informed the intruder that she was prepared to defend herself, and waited until the intruders crossed the threshold before utilizing deadly force.  Watch new reports here: Young Mom Protects Her and Her Baby
      YES Oklahoma has a Castle Doctrine law on the books. (we are still researching if they have included civil liability imunity in that law) What? A civil liability clause protects the victim of suits in civil court from either the perp (if he/she lives) or their relatives. Yes, it can and does happen. Folks have defended themselves and family only to lose everything defending themselves in court including life savings, careers, and the loved ones they were defending.
To my Kansas friends, the state in recent years passed a similar Castle Doctrine law that allows you to defend your home, the specifics of which I am still looking into. The passage of which some of the folks at had a hand in.
     Now for the sad sad news for my fellow Nebraskans. (among other states) WE ARE SCREWED!! Yes the law says we can defend our homes (but only our homes, anywhere else we have the DUTY TO RETREAT!)   and then you must prove that you had no other options to remove yourself from the situation AND must prove that once/ after the perps have entered you home, that they meant to directly cause you and/or yours deadly boldily harm.  So I guess you must stop them and ask if they plan on hurting you or just robbing you of everything you have worked hard to aquire.  WE should not have to 'second guess' the laws when confronted with deadly threat situations. ( Local Law enforcement brass and civic leaders, would rather you run and hide, hope for the best, and if you survive, call 911 so they can come write the report and take pictures. )
     PLEASE take the time to inform yourselves on the current laws and help us at the
 NFOA- Nebraska Firearms Owners Association in supporting LB298 in the Nebraska Unicameral this session. Not only is LB298 a more comprehensive Castle Doctrine law, but also provides civil liablity in the case of Self Defense by any means.  (We must remember that self defense does not mean only defense with firearms, it can also include your son's baseball bat, that handy kitchen knife, that bottle of wine your were enjoying, Grandpa's urn... whatever you could get you hands on at the time to defend you and yours!)
     To learn more about LB298 and how you can help visit
If you can, donate to the cause, write your NE Senators as we have a long tough road ahead just to get this out of committee.