Friday, December 14, 2012


Folks all over the web are talking about the shooting in Connecticut as we speak. Yet everyone is saying let's just pray for the children, let's not spout off on our beliefs. Well, dammit, I'm tired of praying, tired of not doing a dammed thing about it. 
 We MUST stop living in denial. We MUST do what is right by our children. No one wants to hear the truth, but some sicko, busted into a school and murdered a bunch of KIDS- a "Gun Free Zone" where no-one, faculty an even security if there is any, are allowed to carry in the unlikely event of such an attack! As has been said before- We perform fire drills, install extensive fire sprinkler systems, extinguishers, tornado drill, storm shelters, maybe even bomb shelters! But we do not plan for an active shooter rampage situation, We trust these folks with our children's minds, bodies and well being everyday, yet we will not give them the option of protecting our children against one of the greatest threats of today!
A bill was introduced last session to simply allow individual school systems here in Nebraska to allow legal and well trained permit holders to Conceal Carry firearms for the defense of the students, our CHILDREN for God's sake! And what did we do? We tossed the idea like a bad egg, Denying the problem, Denying our children the protection they deserve. When are we going to WAKE -UP and at least sit down and take serious action. Or would we rather just wit at our computer or TV and cry over the innocence lost and PRAY it doesn't happen to us, to our kids?