Thursday, October 20, 2011

A few words to the antis:

I have been quite busy lately with my Scouts and we are currently engaged in a few 2nd Amendment defensive battles. I have sooo much to blog about, but so litte time. I promise I will catch you all up on the latest ramblings going through my mind, till then, here; I got a bit wound up over an article in the local paper about CCW laws and such , see (TJ's latest post)
I promised I would not comment and feed you trolls.  Here is my one and only bit of advice.
Scenario: Say you are sitting in said restaurant and happen to notice I was sitting at the next table. Say I happen to not be doing my part and a bit of my weapon is exposed. It is in a nice purpose built holster, a clean, well cared for firearm. Obviously not jammed in my loose pants like some gang banger. I'm probably in blue jeans and a nice shirt. I am having a nice quite dinner with my significant other, probably my children too. I sit where I can see the front door, and look to be aware of my surroundings. You, too, are with your family, people you hold near and dear. People you say you would do anything to protect.
BANG! some meth head busts thru the doors screaming something incoherent swinging an obviously stolen, dirty Hipoint around, he stumbles through the crowd to our area of the room, obviously drawn to your suit jacket and your wife's bling, takes one of your children, threatening harm unless you hand over money jewelery,etc.
 What would your first reaction be? look deep inside your self; Would you call 911, oh you can't your a little busy, scream for someone to make the call, they will be asked a series of questions, a unit dispatched, who in this town is probably miles away, they have to go around the long way because of the never ending construction. And who, by protocol will have to wait for backup before entering the hostile environment? Or would you look across the aisle to me with pleading eyes filled with fear for your loved ones, or maybe just for yourself, for help because you have already correctly guess I am legally armed, and thus so trained in such scenarios.?
DON'T LIE to me or yourself, you know when push comes to shove, what you would do! Question for me is, would I risk MY life or any others in the room, to save your sorry liberal butt? That's a tough one, but I would sure do my best to save your beautiful innocent little child! 
Why? Because that's the guy I am.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Respect knows no Age

Still working on finding out this great little Patriot's name.  A fellow rider captured this precious moment and I am so glad he shared it with us.  I just had to share with you all.

Photo by PGR member Todd Flick
at the Oktoberfest Parade in Sidney NE

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Give me Liberty or Give me Death?

I apologize to all that know me, but I cannot handle that I am now penniless, homeless and about to lose my freedom over my zealous collecting. Thank you for all the times we had. It is better to die a free and armed man than a broke, imprisoned and un-armed one.
Randall Jay Rusciolelli

This week a Califoria man took his own life rather than spend time prison time due to a devious ex-girlfriend and a very unjust Republik of Kalifornia justice system.  I will let you read the article (the letter is posted in the comments by his sister.) and form your own opinions, but had it not been for this woman and 'the man' Randy would have lived on in relative peace target practicing in the desert.
Note: I in no way condone the act of suicide, but in this case, Randy's reasons did seem, well, American, yet his actions were still cowardice.  
          Your comments/opinions are welcome below: