Saturday, October 1, 2011

Give me Liberty or Give me Death?

I apologize to all that know me, but I cannot handle that I am now penniless, homeless and about to lose my freedom over my zealous collecting. Thank you for all the times we had. It is better to die a free and armed man than a broke, imprisoned and un-armed one.
Randall Jay Rusciolelli

This week a Califoria man took his own life rather than spend time prison time due to a devious ex-girlfriend and a very unjust Republik of Kalifornia justice system.  I will let you read the article (the letter is posted in the comments by his sister.) and form your own opinions, but had it not been for this woman and 'the man' Randy would have lived on in relative peace target practicing in the desert.
Note: I in no way condone the act of suicide, but in this case, Randy's reasons did seem, well, American, yet his actions were still cowardice.  
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Flier389 said...

It is sad that our country has fallen so far. And I pray to god that it does not entirely disappear. Mr. Rusciolelli, must of felt that he had no other choice. And I can feel a little of what he felt.

When you lose your rights from a felony. Whether or not you are guilty or not. It is like you are a non-person. Your still good enough to pay taxes, and that's about all. I have a friend that has a felony. And he lost all his rights. And he still can not find work after 10 years.

He will truly be missed by family and friends.

I hope that his family pushes on this. May he rest in peace.