Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recents events prove we need to put better Self Defense Laws in place.

     By now you all have probably heard about the young mom (18) in Oklahoma that fullfilled her maternal duties by protecting herself and her son (3mo) against certain harm from intruders in their home. She quieted her son with a bottle, took up arms, called 911, informed the intruder that she was prepared to defend herself, and waited until the intruders crossed the threshold before utilizing deadly force.  Watch new reports here: Young Mom Protects Her and Her Baby
      YES Oklahoma has a Castle Doctrine law on the books. (we are still researching if they have included civil liability imunity in that law) What? A civil liability clause protects the victim of suits in civil court from either the perp (if he/she lives) or their relatives. Yes, it can and does happen. Folks have defended themselves and family only to lose everything defending themselves in court including life savings, careers, and the loved ones they were defending.
To my Kansas friends, the state in recent years passed a similar Castle Doctrine law that allows you to defend your home, the specifics of which I am still looking into. The passage of which some of the folks at had a hand in.
     Now for the sad sad news for my fellow Nebraskans. (among other states) WE ARE SCREWED!! Yes the law says we can defend our homes (but only our homes, anywhere else we have the DUTY TO RETREAT!)   and then you must prove that you had no other options to remove yourself from the situation AND must prove that once/ after the perps have entered you home, that they meant to directly cause you and/or yours deadly boldily harm.  So I guess you must stop them and ask if they plan on hurting you or just robbing you of everything you have worked hard to aquire.  WE should not have to 'second guess' the laws when confronted with deadly threat situations. ( Local Law enforcement brass and civic leaders, would rather you run and hide, hope for the best, and if you survive, call 911 so they can come write the report and take pictures. )
     PLEASE take the time to inform yourselves on the current laws and help us at the
 NFOA- Nebraska Firearms Owners Association in supporting LB298 in the Nebraska Unicameral this session. Not only is LB298 a more comprehensive Castle Doctrine law, but also provides civil liablity in the case of Self Defense by any means.  (We must remember that self defense does not mean only defense with firearms, it can also include your son's baseball bat, that handy kitchen knife, that bottle of wine your were enjoying, Grandpa's urn... whatever you could get you hands on at the time to defend you and yours!)
     To learn more about LB298 and how you can help visit
If you can, donate to the cause, write your NE Senators as we have a long tough road ahead just to get this out of committee.

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