Monday, November 12, 2012

I see all the sentiments for Veterans on this holiday, and anyone that knows me knows how much I support all those that fight for our freedoms.
This year, however, I can't help but feel sad. Sad and heart-broke for letting down all those that have came before us and toiled and fought and laid down their lives for hopes and dreams of a better world, a better tomorrow. 

As just the month, too few Americans turned out to exercise their right to vote, and too many citizens(?) of this nation turned out to put back into power a president who, whether by will or sheer ignorance, is determined to tear down everything those before us worked hard to built or fought and died for. It is past time for us remaining American Patriots to embrace all the rights set forth by our Creator and the Founding Fathers and fought for and died for by the very people we show support for and remember on this day. We must not allow Their America, Our America, to be driven into the abyss of a Nazi-socialist state by those hell bent to do so. America stands on it's own, Americans take care of themselves and their neighbors. We do not need a government or the rest of the world to do it for us.

My plan to honor all Veterans, past, present and future, is to be sure we leave the America they dreamed of for our children and all the generations to come. 
It's The Least We Can Do For Them!

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