Sunday, January 8, 2012

You Can Be the Candle

Light a Candle Against Violence

January 8th 2012

     Our forefathers envisioned a Great Nation, a nation in which each individual was guaranteed three things most important to humanity;  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  These individual rights, though, were not to be doled out like penny candies.  It was understood that each individual is responsible for pursuing THEIR own Happiness, Fighting to preserve Liberty and cherishing Life to the very end.  Our Constitution set the cornerstone for building a Nation where the individual has a hand in deciding his/her own destiny. But nothing worth having ever comes easy.  If this Great Nation is to survive as our founding fathers, and all our ancestors before us, envisioned.  We, The People, have a long, steep, dark road ahead. 
     Americans must take our country back from the evils residing in the dark.  Violence does not manifest from the weapon.  Violence originates from the depths of a Dark place in the very soul of man and may be carried out though use of the weapon.   The weapon is but a tool, and through the centuries, in the hands of Good, these tools have been the Light which emblazons the Darkness, pushing back Evil to a place in which it can be dealt with.  
   The Shadows created by those that wish to remove the weapons from all, only work to feed the Darkness.  Not by directly giving strength to Evil, but by weakening the Good, Honest, God-fearing, Law Abiding individual's ability to defend him/her self from the Evil that looms beyond the Shadows.  We have been taught these lessons since the beginning of time, yet folks just will not heed these lessons learned.
     So, on this day, folks such as the Brady Campaign, mark an anniversary by attempting to illuminate the very Shadows which they only helped to create, by lighting a candle.   True Americans, though busy Pursuing our Happiness, cherishing Life and fighting for Liberty, will join together in lighting our candles against All Violence.  We will join together to remove the Shadow-makers and arm ourselves, not only with our weapons, but also with the knowledge of lessons learned in order to be prepared should we ever meet Evil face to face.
    What will YOU do?  Will you join us in the fight to protect your God given right to be prepared should Evil ever cross your path?  Or will you simply allow yourself to be sacrificed to the Darkness?

              National Rifle Association
              Second Amendment Foundation


Maura said...

"True Americans, though busy Pursuing our Happiness, cherishing Life and fighting for Liberty, will join together in lighting our candles against All Violence."

Wonderfully written - thank you!

Brigid said...

Beautifully written.

I for one, choose to fight.

Tango Juliet said...

Nicely done!

John said...

Very good!!! Can I join NFOA? I only live 5 miles from the border. Kind of a part-time Nebraskan.

Midwest Patriot said...

John, we Do have out of state members. Your words may fall deaf on Senators ears as you are not a voter, but we would always be happy to have you on the forums. (an if you were such able, we could always use a donation ;)
I also follow to keep up with what is going on back home.