Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday we had the unfortunate honor to help lay to rest a young serviceman. This forever young 20 year old seemingly carried more baggage than he could handle and took his own life.  I don't know the whole situation, but it is a grave reminder that we as a nation, and individually, need to let our warriors know that we support them.  We need to support them when they are on the battlefield, but more importantly when they come home.  Not only have they faced demons in the field, but there are many awaiting them upon returning home. There is trying to return to civilian life, family life, jobs and for too many the financial 'wolf' knocking at the door.  A most infuriating fact is that many of our men (and women) may come home to an broken home.  Too many heroes have come home only to be greeted by nothing more than divorce papers and looming court battles. (biting tongue to rant no further)
It is OUR duty as American citizens to thank our military everyday for walking through Hell so that we may live in relative peace.  I was thinking just today while riding:  "A handshake and a Thank You wouldn't kill you, but what they do for you, just very well could kill them!"

Reminder to our veterans; There are many avenues for assistance, please utilize them and most importantly don't be afraid to ask for help, we will all find a way to get through it.  That's what America does best!

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Anonymous said...

Nicely written I want to give you kudos.I was at the same funural My granddaughters first patriot gaurd experience.My granddaughter later asked why more people did not show up.So if you read the blog chalenge yourself to make to a soldiers funural and hold up aflag with respect for all of our military. (((God loves all american soldiers ))).MLC