Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WTH? Complaint Department entry for the week.

  The recent missions I have noticed an incredible number of people standing (at least they went that far), hands behind their backs or *GASP* on phones/cameras, or talking during our National Anthem. WTH?
  This while standing amongst our fighting heroes returning from war, who, by the way are standing at full attention in Uniform!. My fellow Riders are also standing for them at attention with our American flags (probably for the last hour or so). I mean COME ON! It's a simple gesture. Remove hat, place right hand over heart ! I have seen folks in casts, parents with a baby in their arms, disabled veterans, the elderly and the children, show their respect for the flag and the freedoms it stands for. Yet, here are perfectly healthy, undistracted individuals just too lazy? to perform a simple act of allegiance. It doesn't really take much effort on your part.

Even your president has learned to do it!  
Don't worry, it won't make you look stupid or silly. Butt, you sure will look silly with my size 10 1/2 steel toed work boot in your rear!
If you can not pledge yourself to this great nation of ours (faults and all) then get the H#LL out!