Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A few of us were discussing friends and honesty and trust over at a blogger buddy's site. 
We all have acquaintances, but who are those you can't truly call friends? 
Mine are categorized as such:
People I Know- just that, I know your name (maybe if I can remember it) and a little information about you.
Buddy- Folks I know and maybe hang out with regularly, but just not close enough to depend on.
Good Friend- the select few that know things about me that even the CIA doesn't, and me about them. To be included in this elite group takes many years of trust, honesty, and usually a trip through Hell and Back.
These are the real Keepers.

Thanx North for the inspiration for today's entry.

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North said...

Sorry to be slow about coming around to say Hi. Thanks for the shout out!

What was behind that post was the realization that I was utterly and completely truthful with a friend of mine, and my friend with me. Rare, I think. Precious: I know.