Friday, June 3, 2011

I Was Never There, But I Still Care.

Although I have never served, and have no family lost in the Viet Nam conflict ( one uncle went and came home), Welcoming the traveling wall with fellow Patriots alongside my son, was something to behold.  Great care was taken to erect this half scale model.  The veterans standing guard day and night.

 Today I took both my kids to see the wall completed, and as I stated I do not know any names personally, but I couldn't help feel both sorrow for those lost and pride for them at the same time, because whether they felt it at the time, but they where helping to spread democracy and root out communism.  In essence, we as a free nation tend to stand up for the little guy against the big bully. I felt compelled to read each and every name; 58000+ heroes, one and all.