Thursday, February 23, 2012

Testosterone Poisoning?

Today's rant: Why do (most) men feel the need to deny women the use/ownership of firearms? Today while cruising the used guns rack in Scheels, I overheard a young couple conversing. The young lady was checking out some nice ladies/youth rifles. shouldering them (in a safe sort of manner I might add) while guy friend was doing what guys do, acting all-knowing. Then it happened. The gal stated, "...maybe I should buy a gun" ( I smiled huge thinkin' 'atta girl!') Then IT happened, 'boy' says "OH NO! not now, not for a while." (ya know that feeling you get right before you reach out and bitch-smack someone?) Then the gal backed down and complied with a "yeah, probably not".
I shot a look, bit my tounge and walked away before I caused a scene! I so wanted to challenge him on his crap. I am willing to bet cold hard cash, that with very little instruction, she could have out handled and outshot that snot-nosed punk-assed lil wippersnapper anyday, allday!


Tango Juliet said...

The truth of the matter is, women are better natural shooters. They normally have superior eye to hand coordination over men plus they are not hampered by the "John Wayne" syndrome.

Flier389 said...

Kathi, my better half. Was married at one time to my best friend. She could shoot rings around him, and he was a cop in the air force at the time. He didn't like her to go shooting with us after that. I'm all for females being armed.

BobG said...

Guys like that are as bad as the jerks who think it's funny to give a woman a 44 mag who's never shot a gun before; all they do is discourage woman from the shooting sports. If a woman or girl wants to try shooting, she should be encouraged.