Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not to Worry, I'm Still Around.

For the few fellow bloggers that stop by, now and then, I apologize for not posting anything for a while.  With the Scout year coming near to the end, and the Nebraska Legislative session now in full swing, I have been a VERY busy lil Patriot.  (Thank the Lord above, my work with the PGR has been relatively quiet as of late.)
For those that have been wondering, our NFOA booth at the local Women's Expo was , well INSANE! But in a good way.  I went into to it all thinking the project had the potential to be a bust.  I could not have been more happy to be more wrong!  We had gals lined up, sometimes 2 or 3 deep, to ask questions of gun ownership, places to shoot, and "how do I get a permit to carry?" We discussed the Victims Protection Act and what the current law does not provide. There was even a lady who had heard of our booth from friends, and came out on Sunday JUST to come talk to us; "There you are. I have questions!"
We also had a HK USP replica airsoft pistol and a target stand which we built a trap on the back of.  Our little shooting range proved very popular. Not only did seasoned shooters show their skills (a special THANX goes out to all the military gals I met), we were able to 'put a gun in the hands' of quite a few new shooters. (note to self- peer pressure amongst the ladies is brutal ;) )

(yes, dumbum didn't put her PPE in the proper place for this pose)
My 12 year old daughter worked the booth alongside me all weekend, working the range, showing folks the safe and proper way to operate a handgun, even talking issues with a few folks. ( My lil girl even commented later on the people skills she learned and honed)  In addition to her, a few other female members stopped in to help out throughout the weekend, each lending their own talents to the project.   And I can say with a good amount of certainty, the local instructors and indoor range are going to be quite busy in the coming months.

I would also like to send special Thank You's to :
 Kathy Jackson at http://corneredcat.com/  (books)
Julie Golob http://www.juliegolob.com/  ( autographed S&W hat)
Thunder Alley Indoor Range http://www.thunderalley.us/  (Gift Certificates)
for their donations to the daily giveaway drawings.
And of course Oleg Volk for the use of his always thought provoking art. http://www.a-human-right.com/
I would also like to thank Michelle with the Lincoln Women's Expo for allowing us the opportunity to attend this event and for promoting our booth. ( After seeing her and the staff shoot during set-up night, I had a feeling this might could get crazy! )


North said...

I'm not a 'round' - more of a bloated cylinder.

Tango Juliet said...

Every time I read your account of the Expo, I smile.