Saturday, December 3, 2011

A 'Man of Color', Gets It!

(Today's FB rant:) 
Kudos to Mr Thomas! The Confederation wasn't about slavery, (the 'North' made it about slavery) it was about a peoples and their sovereign states excersising their God given rights to oppose their government, and take to arms as a last resort, should the tyranical power force that hand. A government that threatened to crush their way of live, their way of making a living the way it had been done for centuries. If one was to read a bit, you will learn that the North INVADED the South. The South fought to protect their way of life (of the times). It has happened recently during this latest adminstration, a great number of states have reminded congress of their soverneignty, and will if neccessary, secede from the union.
 Now, please don't get me wrong, I in no way condone the type of slavery that Lincoln opposed. (even many 'owners' understood the system of owning a person was ethically unjust, but it was a way of life, a business model of the times) Not all owners were 'bad', for those 'good' owners exchanged a good hard day's work for food and shelter. not much less than modern society endures today. If we don't work, we don't eat, we live on the streets. Unless, of course you wish to be pawns of the government and accept their unconstitutional handouts. (another rant for another day)
What I am getting at is that the Confederacy utilized the very Ideals our founding fathers set forth in the formation of our way of self government; openly oppose the representative government - 1st Admendment, Take to arms should the power become tyranical and force such action - 2nd Admendment.

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